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Marketing 101

  Whitty's Guide to The MBA

Welcome to this basic course on Marketing

In this course you will learn all about marketing and how it relate to your business. 

Marketing on the surface does not appear all that hard.  You have a product, you place some adds and your products sells.  Well, maybe that was the way it worked in the old days, but in todays marketplace, marketing is all about research.  You must first decide who your customer's and competition are which requires you to do lots and lots of research. 
From this reaseach comes your marekting strategy which when inplemented wiil either bring in customers or be a bust, which will mean starting all over again.  Marketing is  not easy because the consumer is fickled and sometimes msut be coaxed into believing they want to buy something.
So I hope you enjoy this mini course on marketing but remember this course is only the basics of marketing it will be up to you to learn what it takes to effectively market a product.  Sometimes it is trial and error but every once in a while you get lucky and have a prodcut that stciks around long after you are gone.

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