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Business Statistics

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Stats Websites Links

Jim's Favorite Websites  (Updated 14 FEB 05)


Statistics Topical Websites                                                                       Fun with Statistics Websites

    Animated Statistics Demonstrations                     Archives of Statistics Fun

    Center for Informed Decision Making                    Let's Make a Deal:  Applet (probability exercise)

    Correlation & Regression Part 1  Part 2  Part 3        Let's Make a Deal:  Explained

    Descriptive Statistics                                 LottoRobics (test your lottery numbers)

    Inferential Statistics                                 Math Mistakes

    Nature of Chance                                       Polling:  20 Questions to Ask about Poll Results

    New View of Statistics (Type I and II Errors)          Polling:  Doing it WRONG

    Nominal vs. Ordinal vs. Interval vs. Ratio             Statistics Games

    Statistical Data Analysis: Inferring from Data         Statistics Jokes (by Gary Ramseyer)

    Statistics Every Writer Should Know                    Wizard of Odds (how to win in Vegas)

    Statistics Explained (Glossary of Statistical Terms)

    Statistics Glossary

    Statistical Thinking for Decision Making



Statistics Computation Websites                                                              Statistics Textbook Websites

    Applets, Tutorials & Journals in Statistics            HyperStat Online Textbook

    Free Statistical Software                              Introductory Statistics Textbook

    Resources for Learning SPSS                            Little Handbook of Statistical Practice

    SPSS Tutorials and Clips                               StatNotes

    SPSS Tutorial                                          StatPrimer for BioStatistics (with exercises)

    SPSS Tutorial 2                                        StatSoft Electronic Textbook

    SPSS Tutorial 3                                        SticiGui Online Statistic Textbook

    SPSS Workbook                                          Visual Statistics Textbook

    Statistical Applets

    Statistical Calculators                               

    Statistical Calculators 2

    Web Pages that Perform Statistical Calculations


Research Websites                                                                                    Statistics Resources Websites

    Basic Business Research Methods                        Probability and Statistics Resources

    Center for Social Research Methods                     Statistics on the Web

        Data Collection & Analysis                             Statistics and Statistical Graphics Resources

    Dr. John Latham -- Qualitative Researcher             

    Evaluating Surveys / Tips

    HR Survey Questions & Case Studies

    Methods in Behavioral Research

        Mixed Methods Checklist

    Questionnaire Design & Survey Sampling

    Reliability of Scales:  Cronbach Alpha

    Research Writing Tips

    Tips for Qualitative Research

    Types of Reliability


Fun Stuff

    US Air Force Academy Sports (track the Falcons in the Mountain West Conference)

    Brando Classic Old-Time Radio (this was "theatre for the mind")

    Fun Zone (for those who like computer puzzles & games)

    LLERRAH Inspirational Pages (fun and inspirational messages)


Pet Stuff

    Petfinder (find yourself a new best friend nationwide)

    Humane Society of the U.S. (looking out for  your best friends)

    Jacksonville Humane Society (for the petlovers in Jacksonville, FL)

    Pet Friendly Travel (for those who like to travel with their pets)

    PetsWelcome (for those who like to travel with their pets)

    Best Friends Pet Care (a national pet resort and salon)

    Healthy Pet (take care of your pets' health)

    Florida Boxer Rescue (Contact Jennifer Neill for adoption info)


Tools / Educational

    Dr. Danielle Babb (the website of the best mentee I could have asked for)

    Educator's Reference Desk (tools for the educator)

    Google (great search engine)

    Learner Associates (guides for writing proposals, dissertations and theses)

    MERLOT (educational reources for students and teachers, and they're all FREE)

    Mind Tools (essential skills for home, work and school)

    Nuts & Bolts of College Writing (the title says it all)

    Online Resources for Students and Faculty (dozens of excellent links)

    PowerPoint Guidelines (Tips for excellent slide presentations)

    PowerPoint Multimedia Guidelines (How to add multimedia to your slides)

    Student Internet Library (help for many student needs)

    Wanna Learn (Over 350 categories of free, first-rate, family-safe online tutorials)

    Writer's Reference (Improve your writing, look at model papers)

    Writing Your Dissertation (includes great links to help motivate the PhD candidate)

    Writing Tutorial Services (help with writing a thesis statement)



    Clark Howard (so you can save more, spend less, and avoid getting ripped off)

    Fidelity (very informative financial site, especially for their investors)



    Deep Discount DVD (the best deals on DVDs)

    EBay (a fun place to shop)

    Southwest Airlines (the best way to travel)

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