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Business 101
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What is Business?

Definitions of a business

  • A commercial or industrial enterprise and the people who constitute it; "he bought his brother's business"; "a small mom-and-pop business"; "a racially integrated business concern"
  • Commercial enterprise: the activity of providing goods and services involving financial and commercial and industrial aspects; "computers are now widely used in business"
  • Business concerns collectively; "Government and business could not agree"
  • The volume of business activity; "business is good today"; "show me where the business was today"
  • a rightful concern or responsibility; "it's none of your business"; "mind your own business" 
  • Clientele: customers collectively; "


What is a business? A business can be described by each of these definitions, but a business is much more than a definition on a piece of paper it is a living breathing entity that grows and thrives according to how well it is taken care of.  If you go into business with the just fundamental idea that you want to make money you will fall far short of the mark and you business will fail.


While making money is the supreme goal of any business it cannot be the primary focus of a business.  Your first and foremost goal should be to satisfy you customers.  When your customer’s are satisfied it breeds’ success.  If your customers are not satisfied then they will go elsewhere and if they go elsewhere you are in trouble. 


It is often said that one satisfied customer is worth more than any advertising dollars you can spend, so you can see what happens when you have one dissatisfied customer. 


There are 10 things you must do when it comes to connecting with your customer’s


  1. Be accountable

You must take the view that you are working for your customer so are accountable to your customer.


  1. Be open

Always make sure your customer knows where you stand and what is going on.  You can make mistakes but never try to cover them up admit them to you customers.  Most of the time they will understand and you will have found a loyal customer.


  1. Be honest

The Bible says that a business is to have honest scales.  This means that to make money you must never cheat or rip off your customer


  1. Be accepting

Customers have ideas so always listen and make changes as needed in order to satisfy your customer’s needs and solidify your relationship with your customer.


  1. Be a servant

This goes back to the old adage the customer is always right.  Learn to serve you customer’s needs and they will always come back for more.


  1. Be deserving

Show your customer’s why you deserve their business.  There are all kinds of way to do this from offering incentives for doing business with you to having good quality customer service.


  1. Be community oriented

No business is an island; it is a small part of a greater community.  This means giving back something to the community in order build report and strong relationships with other members of the community.


  1. Be there

Too many business base their hours on when it is convenient for them to be open you must be aware that not everyone can come into or take advantage on your hours, you must be ready when the customer is ready to buy.  If you cannot be open then you are loosing business.


  1. Be faithful

Always be faithful to your customer’s get to know as many of them as possible and do things to show them that they matter to you not only as a customer but also as a person.


  1.  Be good

Offer the best of what you have or do at a fair price and you will win a customer for life.  Do not sell a shoddy product or give nothing but the best service.


These are only 10 of the things a business needs to be to succeed.  I am sure if you think about you can come up with more.  The main thing is to see your business as more than a building frequented by customers but as a place where people come to get their needs met.  Then you will see the more you meet the customer’s needs and desires the more you business will grow and develop.